At Injectoplast, we understand your expectations regarding quality & consistency. As a industry leader, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to quality by maintaining our supplies Below 10 PPM to all our customers for the last seven years in a row.

Injectoplast is currently certified to IATF 16949:2016 quality management system in order to maintain pace with the ever demanding and continuously changing quality system standards, as well as to meet the Global customers’ expectations.

Injectoplast is awarded ‘A’ grade in the quality capability assessment carried out by the No.1 car manufacturer in Europe
M/s Volkswagen(VW) in the year 2010. In the year 2014, Injectoplast successfully retained this ‘A’ grade during the recertification audit by VW team.

Injectoplast is recognized with prestigious Ford Q1 Award in the Year 2007, which is based on the global Malcom Baldridge Award for Excellence in Quality, Cost, Delivery and Servicing the Customers.

Injectoplast is also certified with SQ Mark of HYUNDAI MOTO INDIA LTD. in the year 2009 for its outstanding performance in the Quality Management System Evaluation. This is a very stringent evaluation drive from HMI for its supplier base.

Our Dedication Towards :

Quality products

On Time Delivery

Cost effectiveness

Product Engineering & Program Management

Is reflected in our Quality Policy which reads as follows :


We monitor our In-house & Customer PPM on a regular basis. Dedicated Cross Functional Teams (CFT) are working hard continuously for PPM monitoring and control. Our overall Customer PPM is maintained Below 10 PPM for the last seven years. We are supplying our products to several customers with 0 PPM track record. Some customers have also rated us as their Preferred Long Term Supplier and with some customers, our Overall Ranking is No. 1 for the last many years.

QA Lab QA Lab
Brabender Moisture Balance M.F.I. Tester
Flammability Chamber Specific Gravity Balance
Moisture Content Dynamic Balancing Machine
Millipore Tester Vision Magnifier
Filler Content Salt Spray Testing Chamber
UTM Machine Profile Projector
Digital Microscope Vicker Hardness Tester
Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer
Glossometer Colour Matching Cabinet

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