Product Development & Tool Manufacturing

Injectoplast has a State of Art Tool Room equipped with CAD/CAM facility, EDM machines and basic machinery for manufacturing of new tools and maintaining the running Tools. We have the capability of carrying out tool modifications In-house to meet the changing customer requirements.

Product Development

The Technical center at Injectoplast is fully equipped to handle product development , tool design, design analysis and management of customer’s engineering data archives. (Moldex 3D)

The Tech center is equipped with CAD programmes i.e. IDEAS,Unigraphics ,Pro-E , Catia V-5, Solid Edge & Auto CAD etc.

Our design engineers work in collaboration with our engineering service providers in USA and Germany to support on-site , in-time engineering service.

Data exchange connectivity can handle via FTP site and KVS connectivity.

Our expertise in tooling management ensures optimum tooling design converted to a fully built tool. This we do through our in-house Tool Room or with our off shore long term tooling suppliers developed over the last several years.

We are also capable to support our customer’s with soft / proto tools as well as rapid proto typing.

Tech Centre (IP-Kanpur)
Kanpur Plant Kanpur Plant
Kanpur Plant Kanpur Plant
Mouldflow Analysis Mouldflow Analysis
Kanpur Plant Kanpur Plant
EDM Machining CNC Machining

Programme Management

Product design analysis with CAE.

Tool design & analysis.

Testing & Validation.

Dedicated project engineers for programme management from kick-off to PSW sign-off.

Periodic update to customers on project progress.

Kanpur Plant Kanpur Plant

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