About Us

Injectoplast Pvt. Ltd, is a key Tier-1 System Supplier to the Automotive industry in India and worldwide, providing solutions for Modules and Systems made out of Engineering plastics components and assemblies. The company incorporated originally in the year 1988 from its base at Kanpur, India as an Engineering Components developer and supplier to its then Group Lohia Group for the machine building parts. Over the years, the company has evolved as an independent automotive engineering plastics component supplier and by now has established itself as a key Tier-1 supplier to major OEMs. Injectoplast is recognized worldwide as a reliable partner in the automotive supply chain with Below 10 PPM Quality performance, On time Deliveries and Globally Competitive Pricing.

Currently Injectoplast provides key solutions in the following categories of Automotive modules/parts, especially four wheeler Passenger Cars:

Product Category

Powertrain Parts Engine & Beauty Covers (with NVH); Oil Tubes, CHC, Baffles, Battery Consoles etc. Thermoplastic Molding, Welding , Testing & Assy
EV  & E Drive / Propulsion Over moulded Bus Bar, Connection  Ring ,Spider Ring ,Drive end, BEM Housing / carrier. Metal Plastic over moulding & High precision Moulding
Grab / Assist Handles & Interior Trims Grab , Strap, Floor & Assist Handles, Ash Tray, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Control Panels , Light Guide , Premium wrapped Handles. Gas Injection Molding ,Insert Molding, Assy. & Surface Decoration
HVAC & ECM Parts Radiator End Tanks ,Case Air intake, Ducts Assy. , Door Flapper Thermoplastic , 2K Molding, Welding & Assy.
ETC Plastic Pedal & Chassis Parts Clutch Pedal , Housing, Brush Box, Brake Booster 2K Molding & Overmoulding, Thermoset Injection Molding

To support the customer with on site services and Just in Time deliveries, Injectoplast moved with the Philosophy of being Closer to the Customer and hence have set up three manufacturing facilities within the country. These three locations also cover major automotive hub of car making companies within the India.

In delivering the above solutions to its customer, Injectoplast expertise on following process capabilities with wide range of engineering plastics as mentioned below.

Process Capabilities

Thermoplastic Injection Molding Upto – 850 Tons M/C
Thermoset Injection Molding Upto – 180 Tons M/C
Vertical Insert Molding Upto – 200 Tons M/C
Gas Injection Molding Upto 250 Tons M/C
2K Overmolding Upto 250 Tons M/C
Plastic Welding U/S, Hot Plate, Vibration
Surface Decoration Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Painting

Polymers Processed

Nylon - 6, 66, 11, 12 & 4.6 (with or without glass filling)
Delrin (POM) - 100, 500, 900 (with or without glass filler)
PBT / PET/ PPS/ PPA/ PEEK/ TORLON (with or without glass filling)
Polycarbonate (with or without glass filling)
PU - Thermoplastic (TPU)
PU - Two component cast system
Hytrel & Arnitel (TEEE)
Santoprene & Sarlink (TPV)
ABS, HIP, PS, PP Compound
Phenolic Moulding Compound (With glass, cellulose or wood flour)

Powertrain Parts