Auxiliary & Secondary Equipments

To provide value added services, we have all supporting equipments and auxiliaries in order to achieve optimum product quality while processing the polymers and thereafter performing assembly, welding, printing and decoration services as per the product and customers requirement.

Auxiliary Equipments
Mould Temperature Controllers
Chilled Water Supply
Cooling Tower
Hopper Loaders
Hopper Dryer
Screw Air Compressor
Master Batch Dozer
Robotic Arms
Nitrogen Generator
Nitrogen Compressor
Pad Printing
Nitrogen set-up
Secondary Operations
Pad  Printing
Hot Plate Welding
Ultrasonic Welding
Vibration Welding
Hot Gun Welding
PU Painting
Hot Stamping
Shot Blasting
Vapour Degreasing
Leak Testing
Assembly, testing & validation

Hot Plate Welding Ultrasonic Welding

Pre Drying System Vibration Welding

Master Batch Dozer Robotic Arm

Nitrogen Compressor Leak Testing

Powertrain Parts