Prominent Customers

The flawlessness of our products has won us a prestigious position both in the domestic and the international market.

Locations :South Africa, Mexico, Brazil , Russia, Germany, India
Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly, Engine Modules
Skoda Auto
Locations: India, Czech Republic
Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly
Jaguar Landrover
Location : U.K.
Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly
Lear Corporation
Location : Brazil, India
Products dealt with: Interior Hard Trim
GKN Driveline (India) Limited
Locations: India, USA, China, Spain, Germany, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Colambia
Products dealt with: CVJ Boots and Boot Adaptors
MAHLE Behr India Ltd
Locations: Pune (India) 
Products dealt with : HVAC Parts , ECM Parts
Nexteer Automotive
Rhodes India Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
Locations: Bangalore
Products dealt with: CVJ Boots
AVO Carbon
Locations : Mexico , India 
Products dealt with: Wiper Motor, Starter / Alternator Parts
General Motors
Locations : USA, Canada, Korea, Thailand, India, Australia
Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly , Engine Modules
Ford Motor Company
Locations :Chennai (India), USA, Venezuela, Australia,Turkey, Europe
Products dealt with: Interior Hard Trim & HVAC Modules.
Hanon Climate Systems India Pvt Limited..
Chennai, Bhiwadi, Pune
Products dealt with:HVAC Parts , ECM Parts
Bosch India
Locations : Bangalore (India)
Products dealt with: Transmission Pedals
NTN NEI Mfg. India (P) Ltd
Locations : Rewari,(India)
Products dealt with : CVJ Boots
Location : Chennai (India)
Products dealt with: Door Striker & Latches
Munjal Showa Ltd
Locations : Gurgaon (India)
Products dealt with: Dust Covers
Grupo Antolin Pune Pvt. Ltd
Locations : Chennai (India)
Products dealt with: Grab Handle Assembly


Our Principle Raw Material Suppliers

In order to ensure the consistent quality product, we procure raw materials directly from manufacturers globally.

BASF AG, Germany PBT, PA6, PA 66 & POM Ultradur, Ultramid,Ultraform
Bassel Polyfins PP COMPOUND
Bayer A.G., Germany ABS, Desmopan, P.U. Cast System
Chevron Philips Chemical , Singapore PPS
DSM Engineering Plastic, Netherlands PA 46, PBT, PET, TPE, Arnite, Arnitel, Akulon Sarlink, Stanyl
E. I. Dupont, USA Zytel, Derlin, Hytral, Rynite, Crastin, Minlon
Elastogran Elastollan
Exxonmobil Santoprene, PP Compound
Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Germany Bakelite
Machino Polymers Ltd PP COMPOUND
Plastics Engg. Co. U.S PF Compounds
Reliance Industries Ltd., India PP & HDPE
Radicigroup , Italy PA6 / PA66
Sabic Innovative Plastics Lexan, Noryl, Valox, Cycolac, Cycoloy
Solvay Chemicals Amodel, Peek, Ketaspire
Tecnor Apex / SPC
U.S.A , Singapore

Powertrain Parts