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Injectoplast is awarded ‘Supplier of the Year Award 2013’ by M/s General Motors (GM) in an event held at their headquarters in Detroit Cobo Centre dated 12th Mar’14 (USA). This award is given for our overall best performance in the Interior Grab Handle commodity considering elements like quality, delivery, service, cost competitiveness etc. by one of the leading car manufacturers of U.S. M/s General Motors (GM).

Our MD Mr. Arun Kumar Shah was there personally to receive this award from GM, where all top leadership of GM was present including CEO Ms. Marry Barra and Vice President Purchase Ms. Grace.

This award is considered to be one of the most prestigious ones in the automotive industry across the globe. Injectoplast is the only supplier from India this year to receive this award from GM. Qualifying for this award as a direct supplier to GM is very difficult because of their strict quality systems and technical requirements. It adds another feather in the cap of Injectoplast of being awarded Supplier of the Year award from GM globally.

Injectoplast is supplying the Grab Handle assembly to their 11 plants located in 6 different geographical locations across the globe. Our quality performance for the year 2013 was 3 PPM covering all these plant locations. We shipped more than 2 million handle assembly last year in 4 different colors and 3 different variants to all these assembly plants. There has been no line stoppage incident (quality/ delivery) ever reported from any of their plants because of our parts supplied.

Injectoplast has been visited & audited by various teams of GM globally over the past many years. They all were quite impressed with our quality system practices, manufacturing capabilities, engineering expertise & innovations, precision process controls, highly qualified team and the visionary leadership.

Presently we are manufacturing the grab handle assembly for GM in 3 variants (Front, Rear LH & Rear RH) and 5 different colours. Now based on our consistent good performance, we are being considered for many new programs and new locations for the same commodity with different colour combinations. Also for the Next Generation handles, we are chosen as the design partner to work together with GM engineering team closely. It will result in new business opportunities for Injectoplast in the time to come.


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